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Busy end to Term 3 for ITFA Taekwon-Do Sydney!!!

Posted In News | on October 7, 2017

It was a busy end to Term 3 for the ITFA. After travelling down by car to Mr Collins at ITFA Sale, VIC to deliver some mats and perform a Grading it was time to focus on the Sydney Students.

Term 3 grading 2017

There were nearly 40 students on the floor over the course of the Term 3 Sydney Grading, with successful promotions from 10th Kup all the way up to 3rd Kup.

The end of term was the second ITFA International Instructor Course for the year. This is when all the Black Belts come together to train and gain knowledge about the higher grade syllabus and to pick up teaching points from Senior Master Rhee. It is also the first part of the ITFA Black Belt Grading. All Josh and Connor gradingcandidates attend this course as the first part of their official grading and are expected to ask and answer lots of questions over the weekend to demonstrate their knowledge base. On Sunday afternoon, the course concludes with the Black Belt Grading. Joshua Pan and Connor Mezei were both successful in completed the requirements to promote to Junior Black Belt, I Dan. When you see them in class, you will notice that they have a white stripe through the middle of their belt which indicates they are juniors. This is a fantastic achievement and illustrates a commitment to the Art of a number of years. However, it is just the beginning of the journey for a Taekwon-Do Black Belt as the journey goes all the way to IX (9th) Dan!!!

Term 4 starts on Monday 9th October at ITFA HQ. See the timetable below:

Term 4 2017 ITFA HQ Class Timetable

Term 4 ITFA HQ Timetable starting on Monday 9th October

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