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Adult Taekwon-do Classes

Adult classes are for age 12 and above, although this may vary between Instructors. Adult classes include the same components of the Grading Syllabus i.e. pattern, step-sparring, free sparring, destruction, terminology and moral culture but the style of teaching is more informative and directed toward adult learning. As the students mature, there is also a growing emphasis on self-directed learning and practice.

Taekwon-Do exams are called ‘Gradings’ and are the opportunity for the student to promote to their next grade/belt. Gradings are held throughout the year and involve performing a set syllabus laid out by the ITFA. There are set waiting times between each grade which require a minimum number of classes to have been completed. In addition, the student must be deemed ready to grade by their Instructor i.e. they must be able to perform the grading syllabus to a standard required to pass. As the student progresses up the grades, the minimum training time increases as does the difficulty level of the syllabus required. All students are required to be able to perform their grade syllabus plus any additional material required by the examiner from previous lower grades. All students are required to break to achieve their 6th Kup (Green Belt) and above. Adults are required to break 1 inch boards.

The ITFA uses Grading cards which means the student’s performance at each grading is recorded. This enables the examiner to ensure that the student can perform but is also correcting errors noted down from pervious Gradings. This ensures good progressing in the student’s ability and enables feedback to their Class Instructor.

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