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Excitement builds as ITFA HQ is set to open in Term 4 2015!!!

ITFA Dojang

It’s been a lifetime ambition for Master Andrew K H Rhee, but finally ITFA HQ will open in Term 4, 2015 to ITFA students! A full-time venue for the ITFA, it has always been a dream for Master Rhee to open his own Dojang, and now, after only 5 years in Australia, this dream is about to come true!

ITFA HQ BareAfter promoting to VII Dan Master in September 2009, Master Rhee continued to travel as FGMR’s assistant around the world, looking for a location where he felt could benefit the most form his extensive experience, knowledge and heritage in Taekwon-Do. As the former Assistant to the Taekwon-Do Founder, General Choi Hong Hi and eldest son of First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, Taekwon-Do Pioneer and the Founder’s ‘Best Ever Student’, Master Rhee brought an unrivalled  Taekwon-Do pedigree to Australia in July 2010. It wasn’t long before Master Rhee established the ITFA in Sydney, Australia and his student base started to grow.

Dojang 1Now, in October 2015, the ITFA has Instructors based in Gippsland, VIC, Rockhampton, QLD, Beachlands, New Zealand, as well as ITFA’s hometown Sydney, NSW. The ITFA also has Associate members in the USA and Europe with Master Rhee teaching weekly online via ViRTUAL Taekwon-Do. ITFA Headquarters is the next part of the plan and it opens next week on Tuesday 5th October.

Located on Level 3, 48 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria 2015, the Dojang will offer an introductory timetable in Term 4, expanding more in 2016. Master Rhee will teach classes from 4-8.30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, an Adult Taekwon-Do class on Wednesday at 7pm, a Family Taekwon-Do Class 10-11am on Saturday mornings followed by an Adult Class at 11am. Master Rhee will continue to teach at Randwick Public School on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

For more details and regular updates, please follow, contact or call +61 450 459 927.

Term 4 2015 ITFA HQ Class Timetable NB Children’s classes start Tuesday 5th October, full timetable starts Wednesday 6th October

First Grand Master Rhee's Plaque

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