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FGMR officially opens ITFA HQ!!!!

FGMR Tape 1 web

First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha (FGMR), Patron of the ITFA and Taekwon-Do Pioneer arrived on a grey and damp Sydney day at the end of March to preside over a number of key events in the ITFA calendar.

FGMR Tape 2 webThere was a mad flurry of activity at the ITFA Dojang in Alexandria as last minute touches were made to the space ready for his arrival. With the main renovations complete, FGMR gave the space the one over after his arrival. A space full of Taekwon-Do history, FGMR was pleased to see the very first ITF Flag hanging at the front of the space, as well as FGMR’s original banners from the Rhee Taekwon-Do Academy (RTA), Glasgow from the 1970s.


On Saturday 2nd April 2016, First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha was invited to presdie over the FGMR Tape 3ITFA Sydney Colour Bet Grading for Term 1. The event began with an address from FGMR, explaining about the space and how great it is to see the ITFA go from strength to strength. With 2016 being the Golden Jubilee year from the creation of our Taekwon-Do International Family, ITF, FGMR was especially proud to be cutting the ribbon!

After a short address, Master Andrew K H Rhee, ITFA Founder, secured the ribbon whilst FGMR did the honours, cutting the ribbon and declaring the Dojang officially open!

A further report on the colour belt grading will follow shortly…..

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