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First ITFA Examiner Training at ITFA HQ!!!

Exam 1
Senior Master Rhee conducting the ITFA Examiner Training 

With all the ITFA Senior Grades assembling in Sydney for a weekend of training with FGMR, it was also a great time to get all the ITFA International Instructors together for the first ITFA Examiner Training.

Following General Choi’s teaching, ITFA Examiners are IV Dan and above and must hold a current FGMR International Instructor certificate to ensure they are up-to-date with their syllabus training.

Exam 3
The ITFA International Instructors start ITFA Examiner Training
Exam 2
Focus from the floor

Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee conducted the training on Friday morning at ITFA HQ. For some participants, it was the first time they had been formally taken through the ITFA Grading card and the recognised symbols/shorthand used on the card. The ITFA Grading card provides a full grading history of each ITFA student, enabling the Examiner to go back to previous Gradings and see how that particular student performed. It is imperative the documentation is standardised so there is a universal understanding amongst the Examiners in communicating student performance.

Exam 5
Discussing the ITFA Grading Card

As with all aspects of Taekwon-Do, becoming a good Examiner requires training and practice. Conducting a Grading is a huge responsibility, not only making sure students are treated in line with the tenets of Taekwon-Do but that it is conducted in a professional and fair manner. The ITFA believes a Grading is an examination of physical and mental performance, it is not an initiation and required each student to demonstrate the minimum level required for that Grading syllabus. There is a great responsibility on each Instructor to ensure the student is fully prepared for each aspect of the Grading process. If the student is fully prepared, then the student experience is a positive one and should be merely a formality at the end of a period of focused training.

During the ITFA Examiner Training, the Examiners experienced being on the table for a mock Grading, with Senior Master Rhee performing commands directed by the Examiners. Going through the Junior Grade Syllabus, particular points were emphasised including how to notate them on the Grading card.


Exam 6
Discussing the symbols and notation used on the ITFA Grading card

It was a fantastic face-to-face introduction to being an ITFA Examiner and was extremely valuable to all participants. The next session will be conducted via ViRTUAL Taekwon-do, with some observation of the ITFA Rockhampton Grading and further discussion and teaching.

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