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ITFA 1st Kups train hard at the ITFA International Instructor Course

Sept IIC group

The ITFA hosted their second International Instructor Course (IIC) for 2014 on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September 2014 at Ascham School, Sydney, NSW.

 ITFA International Instructor CourseThe course, taught by ITFA Founder and Cheif Instructor Master Andrew K H Rhee, was very well attended including 7 ITFA 1st Kup students. These IIC’s are open to any Taekwon-Do practitioner, 2nd Kup and above, regardless of affiliation. Master Rhee covers all aspects of ITF-style Taekwon-Do including Fundamental Movements, Pattern, Step-Sparring, Breaking and Terminology.


Attendance at these courses is compulsory for ITFA students who are preparing to grade in the following year. At the ITFA Sydney Winter Grading in June 2014, 8 students successfully graded to 1st Kup and began the final stage of their journey to ITFA Black Belt, which is certified by the ITFA Patron, First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha (FGMR). There are Master Rhee explanationseveral eligibility requirements to apply to grade in the ITFA, one of which is attending a minimum of one IIC prior to your application. Hence, 7 students joined the Black Belts to learn and perform at a more elite level. Education and knowledge is fundamental to progressing to the next level. Understanding the meaning and application of each movement is a strength of the ITFA which is unrivalled by many other Taekwon-Do groups around the world.

Taking notes

The 1st Kup students were drilled on the full Colour Belt syllabus. All students had an opportunity to answer questions and demonstrate their knowledge base to Master Rhee and the other attendees. They were also given an insight into the finer points the more Senior Students are required to understand including movement transition and Instructor terminology.

IIC 5On the Saturday evening, the Black Belt Dinner was held in Rose Bay. This was a great opportunity for the 1st Kups to practice their etiquette and to mingle with the Black Belts in a more social situation. The food was amazing and the company was awesome!

The course concluded late on Sunday afternoon with the presentation of ITFA IIC Attendance Certificates. Mr Graham Moore, IV Dan from Doug’s Dojang, Rockhampton, QLD received his FGMR International Instructor Certificate and ITFA Instructor Miss Emily Boulton Smith, III Dan, was presented with her ITFA National Instructor “A” Certificate.International Instructor Certificate

The 1st Kups now continue their journey towards their I Dan grading, knowing one element of their eligibility has been successfully completed.

The next ITFA IIC will be on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th April 2015, at the Merrilie Robertson Hall, Ascham School, Sydney. For more information, go to the Events section of the website or contact

V Dan Patterns

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