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ITFA April 2024 IIC & Black Belt Grading

Nearly two months on, it’s time to reflect on the ITFA April 2024 IIC and Black Belt Grading weekend, which was held at ITFA HQ in Sydney, Australia (April 12th—14th).

Hosted by Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee, VIII Dan it was our biggest IIC (instructor Course) to date at the ITFA Dojang and HQ, with overseas attendance from the USA and UK and interstate support from Victoria, Queensland, and the ACT, as well as our HQ members.

Examiner Training

At every IIC event, Instructors from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience gather to enhance their expertise in vital aspects of Taekwon-Do. Under the guidance of Senior Master Rhee, participants delve into the intricacies of grading symbols, gaining invaluable insights to elevate their grading process to new heights.

Formal Dinner

On Friday evening, all students gathered at Maroubra Juniors for a formal dinner to kick off the IIC weekend. It’s a wonderful event where all the students dress in formal attire and are encouraged to stand before their peers and deliver a speech to welcome everyone and wish luck to those grading.

IIC Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Over the course of two days, all students in attendance go through nine hours of Taekwon-do training. Over the duration of this event, students get a more in-depth understanding of the Art of Taekwon-do and how to apply it practically when defending themselves. 

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Black Belt Grading

On Sunday afternoon at 2pm, three Black Belt candidates successfully promoted to their next belt.

Congratulations to

  • Mr George Pllu, now IV Dan (4th Degree)!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Mr Kade Baird, now III Dan (3rd Degree)!⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • And newly promoted Junior Black Belt (1st Dan), Harrison Scott!⭐️

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