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ITFA Bruthen Grading illustrates successful Taekwon-Do Club growth!

Taekwon-Do OathOn Sunday 8th June, Mr Nathan Hill, I Dan and ITFA Bruthen hosted its second Grading of 2014. Master Andrew K H Rhee flew down to Melbourne to travel to East Gippsland, Victoria for the weekend.


It was great to see a contingent from ITFA South Canberra with Mr Shane Goddard, I Dan attending with his daughter Miss Eliza Goddard, I Dan and once of their students for the morning Grading. Taekwon-Do GradingThere was also support from another local instructor Mr Adam Collins, I Dan.


It was a milestone Grading for ITFA Bruthen showing the club continues to grow in strength. It witnessed club history with it’s first ever students completing destruction, breaking wood to promote to 6th Kup (Green Belt). The club now boasts a full range of junior colour belts from 10th to 6th Kup, a great achievement for Mr Hill who only opened the club 18 months ago.Side Kick Breaking


ITFA Bruthen always treasures the time they get to spend with Master Rhee. We are all looking forward to his next visit later in 2014 and further growth of our club!

Written by Mr Nathan Hill, I Dan, Instructor ITFA Bruthen


Promoted to 6th Kup (Green Belt):

Gary Barron

Alex Smith

Evelyn Spooner

Promoted to 7th Kup (Yellow Belt, Green Stripe)

Darren Spooner

Amy Fisher

Ethan Prior

Leonardo Marino

Promoted to 8th Kup (Yellow Belt)

Cody Garland

Kobe Miller

Jack Barron

Zoe Barron

Promoted to 9th Kup (White Belt, Yellow Stripe)

Micheal Medson (ITFA South Canberra)


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