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ITFA Taekwon-Do Classes

Discover the art of Taekwon-Do with ITFA!

Join our dynamic classes held in multiple locations across Australia & Oklahoma (USA), catering to all skill levels from beginners to advanced.

In the journey of Taekwon-Do, coordination and the ability to follow instructions are the first steps towards mastering the art. For our young champions, knowing left from right adds an edge.

Our free trial class isn’t just an introduction to Taekwon-Do; it’s a chance for students to ignite their potential. And for our little warriors, it’s the moment for our Class Instructors to recognise their readiness. Let’s kickstart this journey together!

Kids & Family Classes

The ITFA accepts all students from age 5 and onwards, with family classes available for parents to train with their children.

Adult Classes

 Adult classes include the same components as the Kids & Family classes, but with an increased emphasis on self-directed learning & practice.

Black Belt Classes

Your Taekwon-Do journey doesn’t end when you obtain a Black Belt. We offer dedicated Black Belt training classes and courses. 

Online Classes (Virtual TKD)

ITFA offers online virtual classes via Zoom throughout the term year and by demand for anyone worldwide.

Fitness Classes

Want to get fit, healthy and strong come and attend one of our fitness classes. All students and their families are welcome.

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ITFA Taekwon-Do is open to everyone regardless of Age, Gender, Religion or Ability, with a genuine ranking system, code of ethics, conduct, cultural discipline and promotion. Its central aim is to not just teach self-defence but to instill within its students its core tenants of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverence, Self-Control & Indomitable Spirit.