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ITFA Colour Belts inspired by Taekwon-Do Pioneer, FGMR!

FGMR/ITFA Colour Belt Seminar 2016
FGMR/ITFA Colour Belt Seminar, April 2016

The ITFA Colour Belts were privileged to be invited to attend the FGMR Colour Belt Seminar on Saturday 9th April, 2016 at Ascham School in Sydney. This event formed the first session of the FGMR/ITFA International Instructor Course.

Eight Kup (Yellow Belt) Students and above joined all the Senior grades to learn more about the fundamental movements and principles of the Art.

How to make a knife hand
How to make a Knifehand

The Theory of Power, in particular Mass and Sine Wave, were covered in detail as well as the formation of tools, application and conditioning.

Receiving an FGMR Seminar Ceritificate
Receiving an FGMR Seminar Certificate

Details of the Colour Belt Patterns, with specific attention to the application of the release movements, were discussed. The twist release in Do San, so often performed incorrectly, was demonstrated and explained in depth.

Autographs with FGMR
Autographs by the Taekwon-Do Pioneer

At the conclusion of the teaching, the Junior grades were presented with an FGMR attendance certificate and time was set aside for autographs and photographs with the Taekwon-Do Pioneer, FGMR. A fantastic opportunity and experience, the attendees and parents left the hall with big smiles and a new-found enthusiasm for the Art!!

Family photo with FGMR
The Zhou Family with FGMR and Master Rhee

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