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We're an Active Kids provider

Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee (SMR) teaches a range of classes, from beginners to advanced, from age 5 years old and up at ITFA Headquarters, Alexandria. Close to The Grounds, this Alexandria location is and approved ACTIVE KIDS provider!

A full time facility for the ITFA, it has long been an ambition for Senior Master Rhee to have his own ‘Dojang’ (training venue) and the ITFA is very proud of it!

Available Classes

  • Regular Kids, Family & Adult Classes
  • Black Belt Classes
  • Martial Arts Conditioning (MAC) & Fitness
  • Virtual Taekwon-do (Online Training)
  • Black Belt Seminars and International Instructor Certificate courses

The ITFA Dojang is the ITFA Headquarters and was officially opened by FGMR in April 2016. It has a matted, mirrored training area, changing rooms, toilets, a kitchen, a viewing/seating area for parents and on display are many pieces of ITF and Korean memorabilia that SMR has collected over the years.  New additions and improvements are a regular feature of this space as SMR aims to make it the most authentic training space in the World!

Senior Master Rhee teaches all aspects of ITF-style Taekwon-Do including pattern, sparring, destruction and terminology.

ITFA Taekwon-Do Alexandria classes run through the NSW school terms, with a reduced timetable during school holidays. Grading exams are held at one. There are ITFA Taekwon-Do Sydney Gradings available at the end of each term if the students are deemed ready to try for promotion to their next grade/belt. There is no hurry to promote, the emphasis being on learning and having fun!

ITFA HQ Instructors

Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee VIII Dan

Senior Master Rhee VIII Dan
Senior Master Rhee, VIII Dan

Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee is the eldest son of First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha.

He started Taekwon-Do in 1977 at the age 7 in the West Midlands, England, UK. He attained the rank of Blackbelt in 1988 and immediately began teaching Taekwon-do under the guidance of his Father. Following a year’s sabbatical spent in Seoul, Korea attending Yonsei University, he returned to the UK where he continued to teach Taekwon-do. He went on to obtain his 4th Dan in 1995 and 6th Dan in 2000.

Andrew was a member of the UKTA Committee in 1999 to 2001 where he set about revamping the Competition scene within the UK, and raising the standards of the Associations Championships, setting the benchmark that we see there today. He promoted to 7th Dan in 2009 becoming one of the world’s youngest ITF Masters!

On 10th April 2016, in recognition for his major contribution to Taekwon-Do internationally, in setting up and developing the ITFA, for teaching overseas, developing ViRTUAL Taekwon-Do a real-time teaching aid allowing teaching online anywhere overseas and finally achieving his life-long ambition of his own Dojang, ITFA HQ in Alexandria, Sydney he was promoted to 8th Dan Senior Master by FGMR in front of his own students in Sydney, Australia.

Mr Scott Bennett IV Dan

Mr Scott Bennett IV Dan
Mr Scott Bennett IV Dan

Mr Scott Bennett IV Dan, started Taekwon-Do back home in Scotland at the age of 6 years old and graded to Black Belt (1st Dan) in April 1998 at the age of 10. At the age of 14, Mr Bennett started to assist his Instructor with the Junior (kids) classes where he would take warm ups and new students through basics of Taekwon-Do as well as providing assistance to any adults who asked for it.

Mr Bennett has competed in many competitions as a junior and was at one time the Scottish Champion in Sparring and Patterns, British Champion in Patterns and came third at the World Junior Championships which was held in Birmingham NEC.

Today, Mr Bennett assists Senior Master Rhee at the ITFA Dojang and teaches the Thursday evening fitness (MAC) and adult classes.

Mr Paul Rafferty, IV Dan

Mr Paul Rafferty IV Dan
Mr Paul Rafferty IV Dan

Mr Paul Rafferty was promoted to IV Dan by Senior Master Andrew Rhee in April 2021. He is an Assistant Instructor at ITFA HQ in Alexandria, Sydney and is a National ‘A’ Class Instructor.

Miss Emily Boulton Smith, III Dan

Miss Emily Boulton Smith
Miss Emily Boulton Smith III Dan

After a successful Club & Representative Netball career in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Miss Boulton Smith started ITF style Taekwon-Do in November 2004 on the Central Coast, NSW after seeing an advertisement in the paper to come and trial a class.

Miss Boulton Smith continued her training when she moved to Sydney in 2005, and has since competed and medalled at ITF style National Championships in Pattern and Sparring as a colour belt.

In August 2010, Miss Boulton Smith joined the ITFA as the Operations Director, using her extensive experience in Sports Administration to help establish the organisation. She is responsible for organizing all ITFA events, social media, marketing, strategic planning and administration.

In March 2011, Miss Boulton Smith was promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt by Master Andrew K H Rhee, his first Black Belt promotion in Australia. In January 2012, Miss Boulton Smith attended the FGMR International Seminar with ITF-TAO in Ontario, Canada that enabled her sit her II Dan Grading under FGMR in Sydney in April 2012. Two years later, Miss Boulton Smith successfully promoted to III Dan under Master Andrew K H Rhee. She is also an ITFA National “A” Class Instructor and “C” Class Umpire.

Miss Boulton Smith works as an APA Sports Physiotherapist at Coogee Physio in Coogee, NSW. She completed her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy in 2014 and plans to use this knowledge to further develop current Taekwon-Do teaching methods and injury prevention. Miss Boulton Smith assists Master Rhee in his Sydney classes and helps cover class when he is away on international duty.

Contact Details

Address:  ITFA Headquarters, Level 3, 48 O’Riordan St, Alexandria, NSW 2015