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ITFA Instructors tutored by FGMR at ITFA HQ!!

First Grand Master addresses the ITFA Instructors

On Friday April 8th, First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha spent time tutoring the ITFA Instructors at the ITFA Dojang in Alexandria, Sydney prior to the commencement of the FGMR International Instructor Course. The session was open to all registered ITFA Instructors and their nominated assistants. Instructors from New Zealand, America and Australia (NSW, VIC and QLD) were in attendance.

IV – VII Dan receiving tuition from FGMR

First Grand Master spends time with the ITFA Instructors as a group each time he visits Australia as part of his commitment and dedication to Instructor development as the Patron and Figurehead of the ITFA.

The session included education on the Golden Jubliee of the formation of the ITF, which at its inception, included only 9 countries. First Grand Master gave his first hand account of how the ITF came to be and why.

VI and VII Dan receiving correction in Tong Il Tul from FGMR

Training continued with personal tuition and correction on grade pattern for each of the Instructors. FGMR offered correction, explanation and application of the senior grade techniques, knowledge which is invaluable in a small group setting.

The three hour session was over all too quickly, as they always are, with all participants grateful for the feedback they had received in preparation for the IIC starting on Saturday morning.


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