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ITFA Student of the Year Awards 2019

ITFA Taekwon-Do Colour Belt Grading

The ITFA Term 4 Sydney Grading was held at ITFA Headquarters on Saturday 14th December. This year, Senior Master Rhee was joined by Mr Evan Pritchard, V Dan, from ITFA Rockhampton to preside as ITFA Examiners on the day. It was an extremely successful day with some very high performances. However, the main event was the announcement of the ITFA Awards:

ITFA Most Improved Student of the Year: Louis Vereker: 7th Kup

ITFA Junior Student of the Year 2019: Albert Tran, 1st Kup

ITFA Senior Student of the Year 2019: Steve Cacchia Memorial Award Recipient: Mr Jackson Miller, I Dan

Senior Master Rhee explained why these students were worthy of the awards this year. They were presented by Mr Evan Pritchard, V Dan, ITFA Rockhampton and Mr Scott Bennett, III Dan and Mr Paul Rafferty, III Dan, ITFA HQ Assistant Instructors.

Congratulations to the Award recipients and also to all ITFA students who were successfully promoted to their next grade!

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