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ITFA Ultimo doubles its Taekwon-Do Classes!

Ultimo Taekwon-Do Class

Miss Marion Sherlock, V Dan and FGMR International Instructor, is pleased to announce she has opened a second class at Ultimo Public School on Tuesdays 3.15-4.15pm.

Ultimo Taekwon-Do StudentThe class at Ultimo was originally opened in July 2011 by Master Andrew K H Rhee, VII Dan as the first After School activity offered by the school. The Children’s Taekwon-Do class, which caters for 5-12year olds was passed onto Miss Sherlock at the beginning of 2014. Due to increasing demand both from current and potential Taekwon-Do students, Miss Sherlock approached the school to open on a second day.

Ultimo Grading StudentsThe Tuesday class started at the beginning of Term 3 allows the current students to now attend classes twice a week at their own venue.

The ITFA wishes Miss Sherlock all the best for the future growth of the Taekwon-Do classes at Ultimo. For more information of the class and ITFA Waverley Taekwon-Do classes, contact Miss Sherlock at or on 0437 735 156.

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