ITFA Taekwon-Do

Kids Classes

ITFA Taekwon-do is more than just a Martial Art, it is a way of life!

At ITFA Taekwon-do, we believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who are proficient in Taekwon-Do and equipped with the tools to thrive in all aspects of life. 

Our dedicated instructors are committed to providing a supportive and encouraging environment where every child can reach their full potential. 

Join us today and embark on a growth, empowerment, and achievement journey!

Benefits of ITFA Taekwon-Do for Kids

At ITFA we offer more than just Taekwon-Do training. Our ITF-style Taekwon-Do classes are designed to empower children with essential life skills while instilling a solid foundation in martial arts.

ITFA Kids Learn Resilience


In our classes, children learn to face challenges with resilience and determination. Through progressive training and overcoming obstacles, they develop the mental toughness to tackle any hurdle both on and off the mat.

ITFA Self Defence


Safety is paramount, and our curriculum includes practical self-defence techniques tailored for children. They learn how to protect themselves in various situations while understanding the importance of de-escalation strategies.

ITFA Taekwon-do teaches your kids to be confident


As children progress through our belt system, they gain confidence in their abilities and develop a strong sense of self-assurance. They are encouraged to have loud voices, speak confidently, and lead by example.

ITFA Taekwon-do self defence and discipline


Our classes emphasize respect, focus, and self-discipline, teaching children the importance of following instructions, practicing good manners, and maintaining a positive attitude both inside and outside the Dojang.

ITFA Kids Learn Confidence

Life Skills

Beyond physical techniques, our curriculum integrates valuable life skills such as goal-setting, perseverance, leadership, public speaking and teamwork. These skills are essential for success in school and adult life.

Health & Fitness

Kids Classes at ITFA offer a range of health and fitness benefits. Through various drills, exercises, and Taekwon-Do techniques, children enhance their fitness levels and develop a strong foundation for an active lifestyle.

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ITFA Taekwon-Do is open to everyone regardless of Age, Gender, Religion or Ability, with a genuine ranking system, code of ethics, conduct, cultural discipline and promotion. Its central aim is to not just teach self-defence but to instill within its students its core tenants of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverence, Self-Control & Indomitable Spirit.