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Alexandria Taekwon-Do Classes


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Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee (SMR) teaches a range of classes, from beginners to advanced, from age 5 years old and up at ITFA Headquarters, Alexandria. Close to The Grounds, this Alexandria location is and approved ACTIVE KIDS provider!

A full time facility for the ITFA, it has long been an ambition for Senior Master Rhee to have his own ‘Dojang’ (training venue) and the ITFA is very proud of it!

Utilising and supporting the local community, the classes are split into different abilities to enable growth and develop for the students in the Art. The ITFA Dojang is the ITFA Headquarters and was officially opened by FGMR in April 2016. It has a matted, mirrored training area, changing rooms, toilets, a kitchen, a viewing/seating area for parents and on display are many pieces of ITF and Korean memorabilia that SMR has collected over the years.  New additions and improvements are a regular feature of this space as SMR aims to make it the most authentic training space in the World!

Senior Master Rhee teaches all aspects of ITF-style Taekwon-Do including pattern, sparring, destruction and terminology.

ITFA Taekwon-Do Alexandria classes run through the NSW school terms, with a reduced timetable during school holidays. Grading exams are held at one. There are ITFA Taekwon-Do Sydney Gradings available at the end of each term if the students are deemed ready to try for promotion to their next grade/belt. There is no hurry to promote, the emphasis being on learning and having fun!

If you would like to attend a free trial Taekwon-Do class, please contact Senior Master Rhee on +61 450 459 927 or email info@itfa.com.au

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