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Randwick Taekwon-Do Classes

Learn Taekwondo in Randwick

Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee teaches a Children’s TITFA Australiaaekwon-Do Class at ITFA Randwick.

ITFA Randwick is based in the School Hall at Randwick Public School. The entry to the hall is from Frances Street. This hall was only opened in 2012 and the ITFA was one of the first After School Activities to be accepted into the new venue. It is a large hall with ceiling fans for the summer and ceiling heaters for the colder winter nights (yes, they do exist!).

Senior Master Rhee teaches one Junior class a week at ITFA Randwick on Thursday afternoons 5.30-6.30pm. The Junior class is for ages 5 – 12 years old. The classes teach all aspects of ITF-style Taekwon-Do including pattern, sparring, destruction and terminology.

ITFA Taekwon-Do Randwick classes run through the NSW school terms. There are ITFA Taekwon-Do Sydney Gradings available at the end of each term if the students are deemed ready to try for promotion to their next grade/belt. There is no hurry to promote, the emphasis being on learning and having fun! ITFA Sydney Gradings and ITFA Competition Training are often hosted at ITFA Randwick as the venue is large enough to accommodate larger groups. In 2013, ITFA Randwick was the venue for the FGMR Colour Belt Seminar that was attended by students or all ages from all over Australia.

If you would like to attend a free trial Taekwon-Do class please contact Senior Master Rhee on +61 450 459 927 or email info@itfa.com.au

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