Trial Classes

All ITFA Instructors offer you a trial class FREE OF CHARGE.  This means you get to come to a class of you choice and join in or watch the session and meet the Instructor and other students. If you are keen to join, complete the forms and bring them to your next training session.

Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee teaching an 8th Kup
Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee teaching an 8th Kup

It is best to BOOK YOUR TRIAL CLASS by selecting the class you would like to attend and contacting the relevant ITFA Instructor, either by email or phone.
Please arrive at your chosen class approximately 10 minutes prior to the start so that you can meet the Instructor. It is best to wear loose fitting clothing e.g. track pants and a T-shirt (no football colours) also bring a drink with you, there will be regular fluid breaks during training.

Student Membership

To become a Student Member of the ITFA, you need to join an ITFA affiliated school and train with an ITFA Instructor.  ITFA Instructors are dedicated to their own personal development and attend regular Seminars and Courses to ensure they are teaching Taekwon-Do to the very highest standard.

All ITFA students benefit from regular training, Grading exams, Seminars and Courses (Instructor and Umpiring) provided by the ITFA.  All ITFA events are offered at discounted rates to ITFA members.

1st Kup breaking with Turning Kick
1st Kup breaking with Turning Kick

There is an annual membership fee for which you receive your ITFA license and membership pin.  You will also receive all ITFA event, news and updates via email.

If you would like to join the ITFA, you can request the application forms emailing or contact your nearest ITFA Instructor.

Instructor Membership

As an Instructor or potential Instructor, you are entitled to apply for ITFA Instructor Membership. The ITFA has a structured Instructor training programme from 1st Dan onwards to enable you to develop your skills as a teacher and promoter of this Art. To apply, you must already have your own school or be planning to open within the next 6-12 months.

Hill profile large
ITFA International Instructor Course

Instructor membership entitles you to:

  • Access to FGMR & ITFA Certification*
  • Public Liability & Personal Injury Insurance Cover for you and your students under the ITFA policy
  • Use of all ITFA marketing and promotional resources to promote your club e.g. your details will be listed on the ITFA website and other ITFA social network media, and most importantly,
  • Access to Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee as a Mentor and Instructor.  As an ITFA Instructor, the ITFA has a commitment to help you develop both as a Taekwon-Do practitioner and as an Instructor.  Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee is committed to visiting your club on a regular basis, grading students, assisting with demonstrations, details to be discussed on a case by case basis.
  • Discount rates to all ITFA Seminars, Tournaments, Instructor Training, Umpire/Officiating Course including FGMR Seminars

If you are interested in knowing more about this opportunity for you and your students, please contact your Taekwon-Do resume e.g. training and grading history, current clubs open and why you wish to join the ITFA.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is designed for anyone who would like to access the ITFA and its events but may still be affiliated to other Taekwon-Do Groups.

Associate Membership gives access to FGMR and ITFA certification* including Black Belt certificates, International Instructor certificates, International Umpiring certificates, National level Umpiring and Instructor certificates and ITFA events at discounted rates.

FGMR & Master Rhee Sydney, Australia 2012
FGMR & Master Rhee
Sydney, Australia 2012

Associates may also organize their own ITFA events. It is open to all ranks internationally, Coloured belts and Black Belts.

Associate Membership entitles you to the following:

  • Access to FGMR & ITFA Certification*
  • Support and guidance from Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee as required.
  • Discounted rates to all ITFA Seminars, Workshops, Tournaments, Instructor Training, Umpire/Officiating Courses including FGMR Seminars.
  • Able to purchase Official ITFA Merchandise including the ITFA Dobok
  • Advertise as an ITFA Associate Member
  • Be eligible to apply to Grade under FGMR and Senior Master Andrew K H Rhee.

*Providing application is successful and the necessary criteria has been fulfilled

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact