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New Individual Associate Member in Puerto Rico!

Mr Llauger Castillo, IV Dan and International Instructor
Mr Llauger Castillo, IV Dan and International Instructor

The ITFA would like to welcome Mr Llauger Castillo from Puerto Rico as out latest Individual Associate Member!

Mr Castillo commented on his membership:

‘Thanks for accepting me as a individual member. I’m honored to be part of an organization with the lineage that ITFA has. Looking forward for great experiences grow in the art and make friends along the way. Please count with me for making Taekwon-do what it should be and what was meant to be, a society tool for a better world.’

Master Rhee stated he is delighted that the ITFA is being recognised around the world as access to a lineage that is unrivalled:

‘The goal of the ITFA is to make Taekwon-Do accessible to everyone around the world and to offer quality education in the Art. Having grown up around the Founder and my father, FGMR, I have had unique opportunities to learn and discuss techniques and application with the top two Taekwon-Do legends in the Art’s history. As the Founder said, ‘the encyclopaedia is just a learning tool and does not replace your Instructor’. Therefore, it is important that students expose themselves to the right teachers if they want authenticity and quality in their knowledge and training. The ITFA is thrilled that it’s reputation is starting to filter around the world. I welcome Mr Castillo and look forward to working with him in the future.’

The ITFA offers a unique opportunity to Taekwon-Do practitioners: to join the ITFA whilst maintaining their current affiliations. The ITFA welcomes practitioners who aspire to learn from a direct lineage to the Founder through Father and Son.

If you are interested in discussing ITFA membership options or would like to host an ITFA event, please contact or call +61 450 459 927.

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