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Online Teaching Tool, ViRTUAL TAEKWON-DO goes live!!!

ViRTUAL TAEKWON-DOToday Master Andrew K H Rhee has launched his online teaching tool ‘ViRTUAL TAEKWON-DO’, the first of its kind in the World!!!!

In order to follow the Taekwon-Do Founder’s vision: ‘to teach anyone, anytime, any place, regardless of race, religion or ideology’, Master Rhee now offers Taekwon-Do teaching online to reach out to practitioners world-wide using accessible, affordable technology:

General Choi teaching Master Rhee at an International Seminar while FGMR looks on.

‘Master Rhee, this is an innovative approach to passing on your knowledge! How did you come up with the idea?

Since moving to Australia in July 2010 and establishing the ITFA, it has become more and more apparent to me that travel is becoming very expensive and less accessible to Taekwon-Do Students both domestically and internationally. Now Taekwon-Do has divided into many different groups, it is becoming increasingly harder for those smaller groups to be able to afford to bring experienced Practitioners to their doorstep for tuition and guidance. I have also travelled extensively as a Student, Competitor, Instructor and now Master, and I have meet many people all over the world. To be able to provide a service to these Taekwon-Do Practitioners using the technology we have available to me was a logical progression.

Master Rhee helping some ITFA Juniors practice obverse, reverse

So how does ViRTUAL TAEKWON-DO work?

All you need is either Skype or FaceTime, a data package that can support live video streaming and the space you need to perform what you want me help you with – it could be your bedroom, office, garage or your dojang. You simply book in a time through the ViRTUAL TAEKWON-DO website ( and call me at your allotted time. 

Are sessions like a real class?

Yes they are – I will be in dobok and so is the student. All Taekwon-Do etiquette is followed. 

Are the sessions one-on-one or will you be teaching groups as well?

It is up to the practitioner who makes the booking – they can book it just for themselves, or they may have a few practitioners attend the session. The cost is the same.

Sounds great so far but how much is it?

Sessions are about 50 minutes of teaching time booked into a 1 hour session to allow for change over. Initially I have set up 3 categories. This allows ITFA Instructors, Associates and Students to access discounted rates from non-ITFA Practitioners. An hour session is AUS$59 for an ITFA Instructor, $69 for an ITFA Associate/Student and $79 for everyone else. I am also running a few promotions where you can purchase 5 sessions and get one free. Obviously the if you get a few people together you can split that cost between you. You can also book two or more sessions back to back should you wish a longer session. 

AR side kick med
Master Andrew K H Rhee performs sick kick on the rocks at Clovelly, NSW, Australia

So where do we go to find out more?

The ViRTUAL TAEKWON-DO website using your PC, tablet or phone at If you have any further queries, you can email me directly at To take advantage of the promotional offers, go to 

I look forward to meeting you all in the ViRTUAL Dojang!!!!’


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