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Two ITFA Students Promote to III Dan at ITFA International Instructor Course

The ITFA International Instructor Course was held at ITFA Edgecliff (Ascham School) on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th April 2014. The event was open to all Taekwon-Do Practitioners, regardless of affiliation. Participants travelled from New Zealand, Victoria, the ACT and New South Wales to update their knowledge under the expert tutelage of Master Andrew K H Rhee. As well as ITFA members from 2nd Kup to VI Dan, the ITFA were please to welcome  Mr Michael Nguyen, V Dan from Impact Taekwon-Do from Melbourne and Miss Charlene Harris, III Dan  and Mr Guy Pedeshanko, II Dan from Precision Taekwon-Do, Canberra.

April IIC 2014 Group Photo

Over the weekend, Master Rhee covered all aspects of Taekwon-Do including patterns, terminology, step-sparring and grading. As always there was plenty of discussion regarding movement application in pattern and use of terminology.


Master Rhee answered many questions, particularly on the terminology rule of assumption which details the correct method for instructing the student to move.

Pattern Correction

On the Saturday evening, the students and some of the parents gathered at a local Thai Restaurant for the Black Belt Dinner. This part of the weekend allows all participants to share stories and ideas and get to know each other better in a relaxed atmosphere outside the dojang. It was very pleasing to see some of the younger 2nd Kup students dressed up for the dinner and learning about Taekwon-Do etiquette. At the dinner, Miss Marion Sherlock, ITFA V Dan and International Instructor, made a presentation to Master Rhee on behalf of all the course participants to thank him for the course.

The course came to a close with the presentation of Course Attendee Certificates. The following students were also presented their Instructor Certificates:

Miss Marion Sherlock, V Dan: FGMR International Instructor Certificate (Renewal)

Miss Elaine Odgen, II Dan: ITFA National ‘B’ Class Instructor Certificate

Miss Eliza Goddard, I Dan: ITFA National ‘C’ Class Instructor Certificate

Following the course closure, Master Rhee deputised for FGMR over the ITFA Black Belt Grading. Miss Emily Boulton Smith and Miss Elaine Ogden were both grading for their II Dan promotion.

Foot Sparring

The two candidates worked hard to demonstrate proficiency in the FGMR Grading syllabus which included the three II Dan patterns, Foot Sparring, Free Sparring 1 v 1 and 2 v 1, Destruction (power and agility) and Terminology.

Flying Side Kick

After a gruelling display, Master Rhee announced that the candidates were successful and presented Miss Boulton Smith and Miss Ogden with their FGMR Certificates and Belts. The ITFA would like to take this opportunity to congratulate both students on their promotion and look forward to seeing them in their new belts at class next week!

FGMR III Dan Belts

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