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Upcoming Double Master Class in Rockhampton, Queensland

Master Andrew Rhee and Mr Doug Swain, V Dan, Doug's Dojang
Master Andrew Rhee and Mr Doug Swain, V Dan, Doug’s Dojang


After the success of last years event, Master Andrew K H Rhee has been invited back to Rockhampton by Mr Doug Swain, V Dan, to teach a second Double Master Class on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th June 2014 at North Rockhampton High School.

The ITFA caught up with Mr Doug Swain recently and asked him a few questions in relation to the upcoming event:

“Mr Swain, why invite the ITFA to travel to Doug’s dojang?”

“I have attended and been very impressed with both FGMR’s seminars and Masters Rhee’s seminars in Australia. They are very practical and authentically based, with heritage and simplicity. The ITFA are and have been very happy to travel to Rockhampton and teach Taekwon-Do at prices that allow me to continue fostering good Taekwon-Do. My aim is and always has been to teach and support my students to the highest possible level”

“You have been taught by Master Rhee before. What do you enjoy about his teaching?”

Master Rhee teaching half facing body position at Rockhampton Master Class 2013
Master Rhee teaching half facing body position at Rockhampton Master Class 2013

“I personally have been fortunate to have been taught by many excellent Taekwon-Do Masters.  My personal friend Master Noel Keating has been and still is conducting yearly seminars in Rockhampton for the past 15 years.  I have now been fortunate to have been instructed by Master Rhee on several occasions and have been highly impressed by his wealth of knowledge and simplicity in teaching Taekwon-Do that he loves and believes in.”

“Are your students looking forward to the event and why?”

“Master Rhee has made a very good impression with my students with not only his openness, sincerity, friendliness and knowledge  but also his strictness and belief in Taekwon-Do.”

“There will be an event dinner on the Saturday night – why is it important to get together outside the dojang?”

“We have a dinner at all my invitational events to allow students to see the other side of Taekwon-Do and to meet Masters in a personal and formal manner. I believe this is an important part of their Taekwon-Do and life development and education.”

If you are interested in attending the event, please complete the application form attached below and send it through to the ITFA Head Office as detailed on the form. The event is open to all Taekwon-Do Practitioners, regardless of affiliation from 7th Kup and above.

Rockie Poster 2014

Rockhampton App Form

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