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ViRTUAL Taekwon-Do steps up during COVID19

On Monday 23rd 2020, The ITFA Dojang fell victim to COVID19 as it was effectively shut down by the Australian Federal Government as a ‘Non-Essential’ Business as art of the effort to minimise the spread of COVID19.

ITFA Headquarters is currently closed as the Australian Federal Government seeks to combat COVID19, shutting ‘non-essential’ businesses

Luckily for the ITFA students, Senior Master Rhee has been teaching ViRTUAL Taekwon-Do since 2013 and was able to offer tuition online. Other ITFA Instructors also put their hands up to create a timetable with the flexibility to service students during the day and in the evening to ensure, for the students who wanted it, tuition was available.

ITFA Students learning with Senior Master Rhee via our ViRTUAL Taekwon-Do Platform
ViRTUAL sessions available to all current ITFA Students

During this time, Senior Master Rhee continues to teach ViRTUAL online internationally, so if you are keen to train get in touch by email

Learning Taekwon-Do online through ViRTUAL with Senior Master Rhee

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