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Welcome ITFA Rockhampton!!!

Rockampton 2015 Group

Rockie 2015 3Master Rhee and Miss Boulton Smith travelled up to Rockhampton, Queensland on Friday 24th July on the invitation on Mr Doug Swain, V Dan and International Instructor, to conduct the ITFA 2015 Double Master Class. This was the third year in a row that Master Rhee has taught this event and this year there was special significance as Mr Swain announced his affiliation to the ITFA! Thus, the ITFA are very happy to announce that ITFA Rockhampton has been formed!!! Rockie 2015 2

Master Rhee announced the new ITFA Instructor member on Day 1 of the ITFA Rockhampton Master Class which was attended by local clubs from around the region. Students from 7th Kup and above were exposed to 3 hours of tuition on fundamental movements, patterns and step-sparring. Master Rhee provided valued insight into the intricacies of the Theory of Power using four direction exercise. There was plenty of discussion over the release movements in the colour belt patterns and their application. There were several ‘light bulb’ moments as students understood why and how movements are performed.

ROckie 2015 4On the evening of Day 1, Master Class students gathered for a Seminar Dinner and shared Taekwon-Do stories. The Black Belts in attendance all said a few words in recognition of the Founder, the Art and Taekwon-Do.

Day 2 of the Master Class was open to 1st Kups and above as a 3 hour Black Belt Training session. Master Rhee took the students through Hwa Rang and Choong Moo with applications and explanations as to how and why these movements and are performed. There was lots of healthy discussion around specific movements from the Black Belt patterns from I dan through to V Dan. Mr Swain was due to have some personal one on one training time with Master Rhee on Sunday afternoon but he generously opened this Rockie 2015 1time up to any Master Class participants who were able to stay. The session was a think tank on questions coming from the floor in relation to all facets of Taekwon-Do from the history of the Art, terminology, step-sparring, pattern, breaking and competition.

All Class participants received ITFA attendance certification for the weekend. It was yet another great weekend of training and we look forward to further developing ITFA Rockhampton with the support of Mr Doug Swain.


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