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Welcome to Our First International Associate Member in Argentina!

The ITFA is proud to announce our first Individual Associate Member in Argentina, Master Pedro Cambiaso.

Master Pedro Cambiaso ITFA Individual Associate Member, Argentina
Master Pedro Cambiaso
ITFA Individual Associate Member, Argentina

Master Cambiaso approached the ITFA to work with Master Andrew Rhee and his father, ITFA Patron, First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha (FGMR). The individual Associate Membership allows the holder to access all ITFA events including International Instructor Courses, Seminars and Tournaments, as well as ITFA and FGMR Certification including Dan, Instructor and Umpiring qualifications.

As an ITFA Associate, you also have access to both Master Rhee and FGMR for technical advice and mentoring.

Taken September 2013
Taken September 2013

Master Rhee started Taekwon-Do at age 7 and was the Founder, General Choi Hong Hi’s Assistant from 1999-2001. As the eldest son of FGMR, Master Rhee has travelled widely with his father who was the Founder’s ‘best ever student’ and is one of the original Taekwon-Do Pioneers. FGMR was the first Taekwon-Do Instructor to leave Korea with ‘Taekwon-Do Instructor’ as his documented occupation in his passport. Such lineage, gives the ITFA an unrivalled authenticity in the most popular martial arts in the world.

The ITFA opened its doors to international membership applications in 2014, after many enquiries asking to be part of an inspirational organisation. Master Rhee, who founded the ITFA originally to service Australia and New Zealand, decided the time was right to open the doors to those wishing to have a relationship with a direct line to the Founder.

The ITFA is happy to work with individuals, clubs and larger organisations in a capacity to help grow Taekwon-Do and pass on the knowledge of application of this diverse and scientific Art of self-defence.

If you wish to follow Master Cambiaso and establish a relationship with the ITFA, contact

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