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Who will be ITFA Student of the Year 2014?

As preparation for the Term 3 Sydney Grading continues this week, with only 2 weeks of Term 3 left, Master Rhee is already looking for students to nominate for ITFA Student of the Year for 2014. Each year, Master Rhee awards the categories Junior Male, Junior Female, Senior Student and Most Improved. As well as having a good Taekwon-Do knowledge base and performance ability, Master Rhee looks for students who apply the Tenets of Taekwon-Do outside the Dojang in their every day life.

Last year’s Junior Male Student of the Year, Jason Zhou, shared these thoughts on his Taekwon-Do career to date:

Jason ZhouWhat’s you name?

Jason Zhou

Where are you from?

My dad is from China and my mum is from Korea and I was born here.

When did you start Taekwon-Do?

When I was 3 years old

What belt are you now?

3rd Kup, Red stripe (correct at time of writing this interview)Jason Zhou breaking Reverse Turning Kick

Where do you train?

In the hall of Randwick Public School

Why did you start Taekwon-Do?

When I was small I was hyperactive and my mum wanted to get rid of all my energy. She was Korean so she went and looked and found one ‘taekwondo’. As I grew up we switched to the real Taekwon-Do and here I am

What do you like about Teakwon-Do?

How strict and hard and fun it is

What has been your favourite moment in Taekwon-Do so far?

When I broke my first board

What award did you win in 2013?

Jason Zhou 3 Step Sparring with a JuniorI received the ITFA Junior Male Student of the Year

What was your reaction when you received the award?

Thankful, surprised and amazed!!!

What is your Taekwon-Do goal for 2014?

Get to 2nd Kup Red Belt with full marks in terminology

What would you say to someone interested in joining Taekwon-Do?

Tell them its really hard and they are strict but it is extremely fun

What do your friends think of you doing Taekwon-Do?

If I wasn’t like myself, scary. If I was myself, coolJason Zhou Sitting Stance Punch

Do you want to be an Instructor one day?

Yes because I want to give other people a chance, also another way to learn

When do you think you will get your Black Belt?

(Junior Black Belt) Maybe before 2018

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